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Neil M. Geitner, P.E.

Mr. Geitner is Manager of GEMG. Mr. Geitner has over 30 years of experience in water resources, water, wastewater, and storm water utilities, environmental engineering, economic analyses, and hazardous waste management. His responsibilities include project management, technical review, water quality analyses, economic studies, wastewater treatment studies and design, environmental permiting, hazardous waste management, and client and regulatory agency liaison.

Mr. Geitner has experience with remedial investigation and feasibility studies for CERCLA sites, interim water supply systems, mine waste characterization, remedial measures for water quality, storm water permitting and management, pilot studies, preliminary design and startup of wastewater treatment facilities, ASTM 1527-05 environmental site assessments, environmental impact studies, litigation support for remediation planning, and water quality and flood encroachment cases. Mr. Geitner has formed storm water utilities, designed structures, and analyzed rates and rate structures. He was a lead economist for Phase I Air Force privatization analyses.

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Resumes of Key Personnel