Remedial Action Plans

                  Soil and Groundwater Sampling and Analysis Plans

                  Quality Assurance Project Plans

                  Evaluation of Remedial Soil and Groundwater Corrective

                                         Action Plans


Implementation of Remedial Action Plans

                  Pilot Demonstration Studies

                  Bidding Support and Evaluation

                  Plans and Specifications Preparation

                  Construction Quality Control

                  Construction Management


Evaluation and Reporting

                  Process Evaluation


                  Closure Plans and Reporting

                  Corrective Action Reporting


Contaminant Characterization

                  Site Reconnaissance and Data Collection

                  Chemical Identification

                  Physical Analysis

                  Chemical Analysis


Feasibility Studies

                  Process Economics

                  Engineering and Technology Evaluation

                  Regulatory Analysis


Treatability Studies

                  Evaluation of Degradation Potential

                  Bench, Pilot, and Field Scale Evaluation

                  Optimization of Treatment Parameters


Final Design and Contractor Selection

                Engineering Calculations and Design

                Plans and Specifications Preparation

                Construction Management

Remedial Design

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