A site investigation was conducted to evaluate the horizontal and vertical extent of contamination.  The results of the investigation were presented to the Colorado Department of Employment and Labor, Oil Inspection Section in the Site Characterization Report (SCR).  Soil and groundwater contamination above state limits were found on the property and a Corrective Action Program (CAP) was approved in summer 2000.  CAP implementation began in November 2000.


During CAP field activities, two additional underground storage tanks were discovered.  These tanks were removed from the property and destroyed according to state regulations.  Contaminated soils have been removed from the property and ongoing groundwater and soil vapor monitoring activities continue.


Stormwater Management Permitting-Lumber Mills

GEMG personnel prepared stormwater management plans (SWMPs) for several DAW lumber mills in Montana, Idaho, and Washington.  Later when Crown Pacific purchased DAW, GEMG personnel performed Phase I Environmental Audits at these sites.  The audits were performed in accordance with ASTM Standards.  GEMG personnel then conducted Phase II site investigations as necessary at these six sites plus three others in Oregon.


The Phase II investigations revealed oil, asbestos, pentachlorophenol (PCP) and creosote contamination at several sites.  GEMG personnel then prepared remediation plans and provided oversight for remediation activities.  The remedial action included excavation of contaminated soil and bioremediation on site.  GEMG personnel personnel negotiated soil clean-up levels with state regulators on behalf of Crown Pacific.  GEMG personnel also prepared submittals to and worked with regulatory agencies in four states on this project.


GEMG personnel also prepared environmental compliance audits for the sites after the acquisition so that the new owner could maintain compliance with applicable environmental regulations.  These audits consisted of interviews with site personnel as well as reviews of environmental records at each site.

Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

GEMG personnel performed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments in accordance with ASTM 1527-05 Standards for various sites in Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  The audits consisted on site visits, historical records review, aerial photograph review, interviews, and geologic and hydrologic data review.  GEMG personnel met requirements of environmental professional under the all appropriate inquiry standards.


Asbestos Building Inspections












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